ALP k2 Blood Pressure Machine New
Convenient for measuring the blood pressure, with higher accuracy. The machine is durable and price ..
BDT 2,200.00

K-Y Lubricant Gel New
K-Y® Jelly is a water soluble personal lubricant that quickly and safely replaces moisture in a way ..
BDT 300.00

Littmann  Stethoscope (Classic II) New
Versatile, double-sided chestpiece for adult and pediatric auscultation.Pediatric side converts to a..
BDT 5,200.00

OMRON Large Adult Cuff New
Large Sized Upper Arm Cuff for Omron BPM Monitor..
BDT 550.00

Senora Confidence 15pads New
Sanitary Napkin / Pad15-pcs./ ConfidenceSquare/ Senora..
BDT 150.00

whisper Maxi Fit 8 pads New
Sanitary Napkin / Pad8-pcs./ Maxi Fitwhisper..
BDT 133.00

Deep Heat Spray (150ml) New
Effective relief from rheumatic pain, muscular aches and strains.Deep Heat Pain Relief Spray is a pa..
BDT 462.00

ABCDerm Maman Fermete (200ml) New
Indication:Skin slackeningProduct Benefits:Restores the skin's natural tone through a visible tensin..
BDT 1,800.00

Indication:Delicate skin of babies and children.Product Benefits:Protects the delicate skin of child..
BDT 1,200.00

Indication:Delicate hair and scalps of babies and children.Product Benefits:Gently and effectively c..
BDT 1,000.00

Indication:Dry to weakened skinProduct Benefits:Intensely nourishesProtects from external stressRedu..
BDT 1,200.00

Sodium Alginate & Potassium Bicarbonat.Indications:Treatment of symptoms of gastro-oesophageal r..
BDT 155.00

Protective coating action oral suspension.Indication:• For upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn and..
BDT 150.00

The most popular Durex condom in the latex rangeHas an odour maskerShaped to be easier to put onProv..
BDT 560.00

Senora Confidence 15pads New
Sanitary Napkin / Pad15-pcs./ ConfidenceSquare/ Senora..
BDT 150.00

Levonorgestrel 1.5mg/tablet.When can emergency contraceptive be used?This contraception must be used..
BDT 300.00

Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor uses the oscilloscope method of blood pressure measurement..
BDT 2,300.00