Fusitop HC Cream

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Type: Cream

Manufacturer/Distributor: Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

Side effects:
 Percutaneous absorption of steroids can cause cushingoid changes and adrenal suppression. Local side-effects of steroid therapy include skin atrophy, striae and telangiectasia, areas particularly vulnerable are the face, thin skin and occluded areas (incl 
Precautions and warnings: The least potent steroid appropriate to the diagnosis and severity of the condition should be used. It is always advisable to use the smallest amount of preparation practicable and the weakest which will bring about a satisfactory response. Therapy should

Pregnancy category:Not categorized yet

Child: Recommended

Therapeutic class: Hydrocortisone + Fusidic Acid

Dosage and administrations: Adult & child: Apply two to three times daily.

Indication: Eczema dennatoses, seborrhoeic dennatitis, anogenital pruritus and other inflammatory conditions where bacterial infection is present or suspected.

Composition action: Topical steroid preparations should not be used on acne (including rosacea), peri-oral dermatitis, scabies, leg ulcers, tuberculosis, ring worm or viral skin disease or in fungal or bacterial infections unless used in conjunction with appropriate chemothe

Fusitop HC Cream

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