Bleomycin (as sulphate) 15mg/ampoule (powder for reconstitution): Injection Ind: Squamous cell carcinoma; Hodgkins disease & other lymphomas; Testicular teratoma; Malignant eff-usions of serous cavities; metastatic malignant melanoma; Carcinoma of the thyroid, lungs & bladder.

S/E: Extravasation may cause local tissue necrosis and irritation to skin; agranulocy- topenia; alopecia; nausea & vomiting (occasional); Progressive pulmonary fibrosis (common), cutaneous pigmenta-tion, mucositis; Raynauds phenomenon (rarely); hypersensitivity reactions menifest by chills and fevers commonly a few hours after drug administaration & may be prevented by simultaneous admn. of a corticosteroid (e.g hydrocortisone i.v.)

Cautions: See under Alkeran, and also caution in handling as irritant to skin; reduce dose in renal failure; basal lung crepitations or suspicious chest X-ray changes (pulm. fibrosis) are an indication to stop therapy with this drug.

Dosage & admin: Sq. cell carcinoma: Over 80 years 15mg per week (in a single or diveded doses), total 100mg; 70-79 years 30mg/week, total 150-200mg; 60-69 years 30-60mg/week, total 200-300mg; under 60 years 30-60mg/wk, total 500mg. All slow i.v or in infusion. Malignant lymphomas: 15mg once or twice a week to a total dose of 225mg.

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