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Irbesartan INN 150mg & hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg/tablet.30's pack: 360.00 MRP...

BDT 360.00


Irbesartan INN 300mg & hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg/tablet.10's pack: 240.00 MRP...

BDT 240.00


Irbesartan INN 75mg & hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg/tablet.30's pack: 180.00 MRP...

BDT 180.00

CEFEXTA 300mg Cap.

Cefdinir USP 300mg/capsule 300mg x 8's pack: 456.00 MRP..

BDT 456.00

CEFEXTA 60ml Susp.

Cefdinir USP 125mg/5ml; dry suspension 60ml bot: 225.00 MRP..

BDT 225.00

CEFEXTA Forte 30ml Susp.

Cefdinir USP 250mg/5ml: dry suspension (double strength) 30ml bot: 210.00 MRP..

BDT 210.00

CEFOBID 200mg Cap.

Cefpodoxime proxetil USP 200mg/capsule. 200mg x 8's pack; 336.00 MRP..

BDT 336.00

CEFOBID 50ml Susp.

Cefpodoxime proxetil USP 40mg/5ml: suspension 50ml bot: 98.00 MRP..

BDT 98.00

CENTURY Forte Tab.

High potency multivitamin Sc multimineral formulation comprising of 32 components from vitamin A to ..

BDT 180.00

CENTURY Select Tab.

This is a specially formulated multivitamin & multimineral preparation comprising of 31 componen..

BDT 180.00

CITRA-K 200ml Syp.

Potassium citrate BP 1500mg/5ml (30%) & citric acid monohydrate BP 250mg/5ml (5)%: syrup. 2..

BDT 180.00

CLOZOSONE 10gm Cream

Betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% & clotrimazole BP 1%: cream. 10gm tube: 25.00 MRP..

BDT 25.00

CLOZOX 10gm Cream

Clotrimazole 1%: cream10gm tube x l’s pack: 25.00 MRP..

BDT 25.00

CO-DOPA 110 Tab.

Levodopa 100mg + carbidopa 1 Omgtabiet 30's pack: 210.00 MRP..

BDT 7.00

CO-DOPA 275mg Tab.

Levodopa 250mg + carbidopa 25mg/tablet 30’s pack: 300.00 MRP..

BDT 300.00

COLURIC 0.6mg Tab.

Colchicine USP 0.6mg/tablet.0.6mg x 14's pack: 105.00 MRP..

BDT 105.00

CONLAX 100ml Soln.

Lactulose concentrate oral solution; ltsf (5ml) contains 3.35gm of lactulose: syrup.100ml bot: 140.0..

BDT 140.00

CONLAX 200ml Soln.

Lactulose concentrate oral solution; ltsf (5ml) contains 3.35gm of lactulose: syrup.200ml bot: 200.0..

BDT 200.00

CORABID 7.5mg Tab.

Ivabradine hydrochloride 5mg & 7.5mg/tablet (film-coated).  7.5mg x 14's pack: 700.00 M..

BDT 700.00

CORABID 5mg Tab.

Ivabradine hydrochloride 5mg & 7.5mg/tablet (film-coated). 5mg x 14's pack: 490.00 MRP..

BDT 35.00