PHOSPHOPREP 45ml soln.

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate BP 2.71 lgm and disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate BP 1.2gm/5ml: oral solution.

45ml bot: 230.00 MRP.


Phosphoprep is an stable clear, colorless, buffered, ginger lemon flavored, aqueous oral solution, that is used to treat relief of occasional constipation, bowel cleansing regimen in preparing the patient for surgery or for preparing the colon for x-ray or endoscopic examination.

Dosage and Administration: 
Phosphoprep is not to be taken by children under 5 years of age. Adults and children 5 years of age & over The recommended dosage for adults and children 5 years of age & over is 45ml and repeated 10 to 12 hours later. The intake of clear liquids is an essential part of this regimen. On the day before the procedure, the patient should only take clear liquids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and between doses. No solid food, milk or milk products should be taken on the day before the procedure. The
patient should not drink anything colored red or purple. Medical procedure is intended to be performed at early morning, mid-morning or later, by two alternative dosage regimens. Early morning procedure The first dose is taken at 7a.m. on the morning before the procedure. The second dose is taken at 7p.m. on the evening before the procedure. Mid-morning (or later) procedure The first dose is taken at 7p.m. on the evening before the procedure. The second dose is taken at 7a.m. (or at least 3 hours before leaving for the appointment) on the morning before the procedure. First dose: Mix 15ml (one third of the bottle) of Phosphoprep into a full glass
(approximately 250ml) of clear liquids and drink. Repeat two more times within the next 20 minutes. Between Doses: Between the first and second doses, the patient should drink at least three more glasses (approximately 250ml each) of clear liquids or more if desired to prevent dehydration and to ensure that their bowel remains easily examinable for the procedure. Second Dose: Mix 15ml of Phosphoprep into a full glass of clear liquid and drink. Repeat two more times within the next 20 minutes. Please refer to clear liquids list below. Beverages, water, tea or coffee (no milk or non dairy creamer), sweeteners are acceptable, carbonated or non carbonated soft drinks (not colored red or purple) fruit flavored cordials (not colored red or purple) and strained fruit juices without pulp. Do not drink any alcoholic beverage.

PHOSPHOPREP 45ml soln.

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